Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar – “Best Holiday Destination!”

Famous as the “Spice Island”, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is stuffed with culture and history, seemingly at chances with its tranquil geography of white-sand beaches with palms swaying indolently in the sea breeze. Together this makes Zanzibar a fabulous place to explore as well as a dream to relax and unwind.

Zanzibar Island is a province of Tanzania and part of the wider Zanzibar archipelago. A real life paradise island, it boasts an array of stunning sandy beaches with vivid coral reefs, alongside the quaint charm of the historic Stone Town.

Thanks to its accessible location, historically Zanzibar has been a focal point for traders and settlers travelling up and down the east coast of Africa. Walking through Stone Town, you are instantly immersed in this rich heritage of predominantly Arabian and Indian influences by the stunning traditional architecture. You can even book a one-day cruise on a dhow fishing vessel, to visit reefs and nearby islands. Seaweed thrives around the coast of Zanzibar and you will see it blooming like flowers in the clear waters. Exports of cleaned and dried seaweed have generated a new source of wealth for the fishermen and women of this region.

Your most prized sighting in Zanzibar is likely to be one of Africa’s rarest primates, the Zanzibar red Colobus Monkeys. This colony has been isolated on the island for at least 1,000 years and has evolved into its own distinct species, with unique coat patterns, calls and food habits. With as few as 1,500 remaining, the Zanzibar red colobus has become a symbol of conservation.

Exploring the Stone Town – Capital of Zanzibar

The capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town is both fascinating and disorientating. A maze of alleys amid whitewashed houses reveals a treasure around every corner! Whether it’s the colors, sounds and pungent smells of a market, lively street vendors, or one of the town’s superb palaces, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a living legend. A Stone Town tour incorporates the Palace of Wonders, the Arab Fort, and the Anglican Church, and you can even get a snapshot of the house where Freddie Mercury was born! Take your time to get lost among the alleyways and drop into some of the town’s quaint shops, before indulging in a sunset drink at Africa House.

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