Mount Meru

Mount Meru

Hikers often neglect Mt Meru, the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest peak of Tanzania. The mountain is the result of a massive volcanic blast that destroyed the eastern flank, some 250,000 years ago. Standing at 4566m at Arusha National Park, Mount Meru is a good spectacular trekking experience in itself.  Furthermore this mountain is a good site for conducting warm-up exercises before going for the Kilimanjaro hike.

The Mt Meru ascent passes through many different vegetation zones. Your ascent to the summit will take you on a journey from dry forests to dense mountain rainforest, which then gives way to scrubland. Higher up, heath and moorland take over, until all that’s left is the barren alpine desert. Closer to the summit, vegetation becomes less and less and gives way to alpine terrain.

Here at Mount Meru relay another stunning adventure with its volcano and wildlife around it, this offers fascinating views. Mount Meru is a dormant mountain (yet active – with the last eruption occurred in 1910). Again on Mount Meru lies one of the deepest craters with over 1,500 meters. You don’t want to miss this!

The changing wildlife is equally varied and inspiring, offering regular encounters with large game, such as Elephants and Buffalo, and you may even spot some Leopards as you climb. Of course, it’s vital to be guided by an experienced and armed park ranger.

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