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Shinning Up in the Heart of African Safaris!

Meet the Founder and Managing Director.
African Wanderlust Adventures

With enormous focus, love for wildlife, and conservation as a pioneer for sustainable tourism, our founder is experienced in offering customized travel experiences in East Africa long before the existence of African Wanderlust Adventure.

African Wanderlust Adventures reflects Robert Dimba’s consistent passion for tourism, which developed within his heart since childhood. Lifetime experiences, genuine love for wildlife, people, and conservation in Africa.

Born and nurtured in Arusha city, the heart of Tanzania safaris and headquarter of Tanzania National parks (TANAPA). Being of a younger age Robert used to show much interest in wildlife and conservation, paying attention to different animal documentaries, drawing, and concentrating on the behavior of different animals. Asking so many questions about whatever he saw in pictures and documentaries. Robert’s father John Dimba a famous Tanzanite businessman during 90’s realized the potential and interest that his son has, decided to pull him up by buying him more wildlife documentaries to watch. Also taking Robert with him whenever he traveled just to increase exposure to his son.

Specialized in Authentic Customized Travel Experiences For Clients From All Corners Of The World.

Robert studied Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Tourism at the College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM), Mweka. Many field practicals are conducted to different tourism destinations allowed him to gain even more confidence in the Tourism industry and deep love for wilderness and Wildlife field.

Robert has worked with different tour companies as a Reservation Agent, Tour consultant, Operation manager, and lastly Freelance tour guide. These companies built his carrier due to much client appreciation on highly ability to listen to clients’ needs and offer a unique tour.

Valuable work experience with travel agents in different Companies motivated Robert to establish and own a Travel Company as an appreciation and a way to support sustainable Tourism, to support and make alterations in the lives of women and children in Tanzania Destinations.

We are also represented on Safaribookings.com.

We pride ourselves on innovative.

What distinguishes us from other tour companies is regardless of the volume of business, we are able to dedicate the whole team and Experts including the directors, to the unique purpose of going the extra mile to make your expectations reality.

We won many awards.

My niche as a Tourism Facilitators is the ability to use local knowledge to make travelers’ trips more enjoyable. I derive knowledge through the long time experience and research I have made on African adventure, for that reason, most of our guides too have been crowned Best Tour Guide in Tanzania.

We are a team of genius people.

We harness the power of effective teamwork and synergy within own work teams, we achieve substantially improved individual and team performance, higher output, greater personal satisfaction, less stress, and a safer workplace.

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