Our Mission

Our Mission: Sustainable Tourism

Impact brought by our Company to Local societies, so as to make them feel proud of their Culture and Traditions, at the same time boosting their economy.

  • Aims of sustainable tourism are to ensure development towards local community, tourism companies and the Tourists themselves.
  • We are committed to making positive impact on the environment and local culture and the economy of the destination. This is to go against Tourism which doesn’t make a true difference to the lives of local people and the future of our world.
  • We do inspire our client to involve themselves with the local societies during safari, and also involving them to different activities and culture of the local people. By doing so we create a strong relationship and even support different projects that they use as way to make a living.
  • We also conduct some projects to support Local community in the destination by taking some of the percent cost from your trip and direct it toward local organizations that endeavor to support lives of orphan children from Tanzania who are suffering on streets.
  • We combine efforts and constant commitment to provide a quality of life and proper learning conditions for these children. Daily we continue to see evident changes in lives of these children. We do arrange an addition schedule to your trip if you are interested for an opportunity to volunteer, so as you can spend time in the service of these programs.

We believe to be in this planet with a mission so whenever possible we should leave a mark as we explore the earth, we welcome our clients to be part of this as a way forward towards Sustainable Tourism.


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