Kilimanjaro Trek Tips & Packing Lists

Kilimanjaro Trek Tips & Packing Lists

Below is a list of the necessary equipments for Kilimanjaro Trek. Your luggage will be carried by African Wanderlust Adventures professional porters’ team and you have an option to take all you need for a contented stay in the mountains. The weight of duffel bag that your porter can carry should not exceed 15 kg. Incase you need to carry more,  that requires a second porter possible by contacting us before the Trek.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Gear List

  1. Small backpack (20–40 liters) for your daily necessities;
  2. Large duffel bag for your belongings, which will be carried by a porter (80–120 liters);
  3. Sleeping bag (designed for up to −15°C);
  4. Rain poncho, a water-proof covering for your backpack;
  5. Hiking boots with a water-repellent layer and good protector;
  6. Gym shoes for the first days of the climb and to change at the camp;
  7. Hiking pants for the first days of the climb (2 pairs);
  8. Waterproof and wind block trousers;
  9. Warm ski pants (designed for −15°C);
  10. T-shirt or long sleeve shirt (4-5 pieces);
  11. Soft-shell or fleece jacket;
  12. Down jacket for −15°C is an absolute necessity for the final ascent to the summit;
  13. Thermal underwear for active sports (preferably 2 pairs);
  14. Light trekking gloves;
  15. Mittens/gloves designed for −15°C for the final ascent to the summit;
  16. Trekking socks (4-5 pieces);
  17. Gaiters for protection against dust/snow;
  18. Cap/panama hat/hat to protect your face and neck against the equatorial sun;
  19. Fleece hat;
  20. Balaclava for wind protection during the final summit ascent;
  21. Alpine sunglasses or goggles (don’t take cheap Chinese sunglasses);
  22. Headlamp;
  23. Trekking poles;
  24. Water flasks (2 liters in total); the flask may be substituted by a water bladder installed in your backpack;
  25. Sun block (SPF 50+);
  26. Lip balm;
  27. Towel, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush;
  28. Personal medication in case of a chronic disease.

A list of recommended things for the climb Kilimanjaro

  1. Inflatable pillow will add you the comfort in the tent during the night
  2. MP3-player is a perfect thing for trekking and summiting
  3. Slippers because the passages last from the morning till 14 p.m. and the rest of time you spend in the camp where your feet need to relax
  4. Heat pack for hands and feet
  5. Solar batteries for charging phone / laptops, it should be considered that batteries discharge in the cold and it is necessary to have spare battery and keep them in warm
  6. Waterproof bags for money / documents – they also can be left in a safe in our office
  7. Hand wash disinfectant
  8. Earplugs and sleeping mask because sometimes porters are talking loud at night that could be irritating
  9. Chocolate bars / candy sticks, nuts and dried fruit that is suitable for light and nutritious snack

Equipment that we provide free of charge

  1. Tent “The North Face” VE-25 or Mountain hardware
  2. Warm and comfortable sleeping pad
  3. Eureka mess tent
  4. Tables / chairs
  5. All the necessary kitchenware is provided (plates / mugs / spoons / knifes)


What equipment to choose requires from you extremely detailed check. So please, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our AFRICAN WANDERLUST ADVENTURES experts for further support! 

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