We are an African locally raised team of experts and your on-site partner for all travel adventures in and around Tanzania destinations. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime African safari experience that will live in your memory forever! We specialize in Tailor-made tours, Thrilling Wildlife & Nature safaris, Authentic Local Cultures, and Cuisine and Eco-Safaris primarily around National Parks and Game reserves, whether you want to conquer the highest peak of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro) and Mount Meru or go on a relaxing beach vacation on the paradise island Zanzibar by the Indian Ocean. We love and know Africa, and would like to pass that to you too.

Our flexible and dedicated team has a long-time experience in traveling and exploring the National Parks in and around Tanzania. We have rich experience in tailoring the most epic outdoor adventures to all tastes. Our guides are certified and well-trained professionals, with a long passion for Tourism and Conservation in Africa.

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With enormous focus, love for wildlife and conservation as a pioneer for sustainable tourism, our founder is experienced in offering customized travel experiences in East Africa long before existence of African Wanderlust Adventure.

African Wanderlust Adventures reflects Robert Dimba’s consistent passion for tourism, which developed within his heart since childhood. Lifetime experiences, genuine love for wildlife, people and conservation in Africa.

Born and nurtured in Arusha city, the heart of Tanzania safaris and headquarter of Tanzania National parks (TANAPA). Being of the younger age Robert used to show much interest in wildlife and conservation, paying attention to different animal documentaries, drawing and concentrating on behavior of different animals. Asking so many questions onto whatever he saw in pictures and documentaries. Robert’s father John Dimba a famous Tanzanite businessman during 90’s realized a potential and interest that his son has, decided to pull him up by buying him more wildlife documentaries to watch. Also taking Robert with him whenever he travelled just to increase exposure to his son.

Specialized in Authentic Customized Travel Experiences For Clients From All Corners Of The World.

Robert studied Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Tourism at the College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM), Mweka. Many field practical’s conducted to different tourism destinations allowed him to gain even more confidence on Tourism industry and deep love for wilderness and Wildlife field.

Robert has worked with different tour companies as a Reservation agent, Tour consultant, Operation manager and lastly Freelance tour guide. These companies built his carrier due to much client’s appreciation on highly ability to listen to clients’ needs and offer a unique tour.

Valuable work experience with travel agents in different Companies, motivated Robert to establish and own a Travel Company as an appreciation and a way to support sustainable Tourism, to support and make alteration in the lives of women and children in Tanzania Destinations.


We know and love Africa, and would like to pass that to u too by providing a memorable experience that will last forever.

Expert Knowledge

We can offer every Client the most satisfying and memorable experience, along with the best guides, accommodation. We live and operate in Tanzania that makes it even easier to nurture interaction with our partners who offers other services like meals and accommodations, also to follow up if they maintain standards for the sake of our client’s satisfaction. Not only that but living in the destination allow us to be updated on any arising issues concerning travel.

Unique Customer Service

Our Company experts build your dream safari around you to satisfy your utmost desire, just to reach you with a personalized adventure.

Immediately you reach to us, our experts will understand your innermost expectations and help you plan your tour, advice if necessary.

It is our responsibilities to take care of every section of our Client safari, from when the tour starts to end of the tour. During the tour we regularly follow up to make sure that entire trip goes as scheduled. Lastly we consult you at the end of tour, to hear from you if we reached your expectations.


Impact brought by our Company to Local societies, so as to make them feel proud of their Culture and Traditions, at the same time boosting their economy.

Aims of sustainable tourism are to ensure development towards local community, tourism companies and the Tourists themselves.
We are committed to making positive impact on the environment and local culture and the economy of the destination. This is to go against Tourism which doesn’t make a true difference to the lives of local people and the future of our world.

We do inspire our client to involve themselves with the local societies during safari, and also involving them to different activities and culture of the local people. By doing so we create a strong relationship and even support different projects that they use as way to make a living.
We also conduct some projects to support Local community in the destination by taking some of the percent cost from your trip and direct it toward local organizations that endeavor to support lives of orphan children from Tanzania who are suffering on streets.
We combine efforts and constant commitment to provide a quality of life and proper learning conditions for these children. Daily we continue to see evident changes in lives of these children. We do arrange an addition schedule to your trip if you are interested for an opportunity to volunteer, so as you can spend time in the service of these programs.

We believe to be in this planet with a mission so whenever possible we should leave a mark as we explore the earth, we welcome our clients to be part of this as a way forward towards Sustainable Tourism.


How We Plan Your Tailor made African Safari:

To know every single client is our first priority; from their personal interests, expectations and budget, this enables us to offer you a Safari Adventure that will last for a lifetime. We will choose for you a best Safari Guide, provide you with corresponding local partners, and recommend for you a favorite accommodation. We can provide you with authentic advice to assist on how to go on with your Adventure as we are not tied to any local safari operator, Camp and/ or Lodge.

It’s our concern to stay updated to follow up latest Tanzania destinations proceedings as Tanzania is our home, we know its Geography, National Parks, Wildlife, people and their Culture. We are always happy to introduce our guest to the Magic of this beautiful land, Tanzania.
Making your trip special and unforgettable as it can be. Early risers who wish to be the first on sight and view wildlife at their most active hours, we offer an early morning (before sunrise) game drives. An early morning game drive always create room for cooler conditions, fewer vehicles and a better light for photography.
Each safari with us is guaranteed to offer boundless game drives, with no range restrictions and exclusive access to the most bosom and wildlife-abundant areas within East Africa. To ensure a complete incredible wilderness experience, if we must, we do organize bush dinning and/or picnic lunches in the middle of the wilderness. This is to prolong time of stay out on safari all day and maximize your wildlife viewing in East Africa implausible wilderness.


To Offer a Unique Tour

We value every single dollar, thus as much as we love to share our passion for Africa with you, we also want you to get the utmost out of every travel dollar.
African Wanderlust Adventure careful handles each Client from arrival time till the moment you say bye to us.
We guarantee that you always get the perfect tailor made safari to fit your expectations. To provide a memorable experience, we pay attention to every single details of Client that works with us, be it personal interest, expectations.
While on tour we follow up to ensure everything is in order and if the tour meets our Clients satisfaction.
End of tour, we consult our guests to be sure if everything went as planned and expected.



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